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Simple Design That's Elegant & Timeless

Introducing nowe  (pronounced now-wee ) the next generation of Wi-Fi SMART IoT (Internet of Things), HUBLESS home automation, a simple and convenient way of automating your home with SMART home devices that works with either Google Home, powered by the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa!  

In keeping it simple, we're kicking things off with a 'Plug, Pair, & Play' option, which includes a Wi-Fi SMART nowe  LED Bulb, and the all-important nowe  Motion & SMART sensors. 

Check out and choose your home's options at our nowe  STORE today.

Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.


Ease of Setup

As simple as  'Plug, Pair, & Play'!

Plug - plug it in & power on,

Pair - sync it through your home's Wi-Fi and your iHAS app,

Play -  enjoy the instant convenience of automation at home  and the security of remote access control when you’re not .

nowe  'Plug, Pair & Play', that's easy, simple, and innovative home automation!


Wireless Connectivity

The Wi-Fi SMART hubless home automation is here and starts nowe

That's right -  NO MORE GATEWAYS, or Wi-Fi HUBS required. Control your home's automation via nothing more than your current Wi-Fi router, your iHAS APP, and your new exciting nowe  products

nowe,  offering you a simple lifestyle choice when it comes to your home's automation requirement.

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