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Frequently asked questions


Can this be installed in my home? What's required?

Yes, IoT nowe Plug, Pair, Play range can be installed by anyone in any household, apartment, or office and there's no additional electrician fees or charges required.

Are these products certified in Australia?

Yes, they are SAA certified and RCM have passed all Australian product testing requirements.

Is there any warranty period?

Yes, all our products come with a standard two-year manufacturer's warranty. 

What happens to my lights if my Wi-Fi/internet stops working?

Your home's lighting won’t be affected regardless if your Wi-Fi/internet isn’t working. The functionality of your Wi-Fi/internet is only for remote accessing and your voice asistant access control

We’d strongly recommend checking with your internet service provider while power cycling your Wi-Fi router ASAP to gain your remote access convenience.

What is IFTTT and why is it important?

IFTTT is the free way to get all your apps and devices talking to each other. Not everything on the internet plays nicely so nowe gives you the added benefit of not only working with IFTTT but ensuring that your nowe choice for home automation grows with you and your families needs.

Does it work with the Google Assistant/Google Home or Amazon Alexa?

Yes it does, we’re so excited to announce that iHAS and nowe products are partnered with the Google Assistant and we will bring you home automation solutions that works with the Google Assistant.

User Guide Downloads

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nowe-CCT70E Product Manual (pdf)


nowe-MS01W Product Manual (pdf)


nowe-SS01W Product Manual (pdf)


Wi-Fi SMART Sensor


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nowe SMART Sensor - secure peace of mind  in OPEN/CLOSE detection + device Tampering alerts that will either promptly notify you, or trigger your SMART automation scenes.*

An integral nowe IoT team member that assists in automating your home.

*offer is per one (1) SMART Sensor only. Pictured are images of the SMART Sensor.